Element Space Resources: ElementSpace LibGuide

Page Requirements:
About Me:
~Creative name for your element
~Where are you from
~How were you discovered
~Physical properties
~interesting facts about me

Daily Blog:
~One FULL week of blogs (Mon-Sun)
~Minimum 2-3 sentences
~A creative way to explain how you interact with other elements, refinement process, etc.
During a chemistry lab, Bromine and I got paired up. As soon as we started working together, we discovered that we were a catalyst for a chemical reaction. “ (Alex Aluminum page of Amityelementspace)

My Friends:
~Who (what elements) do I get along with, react with, bond with? (CHEMICAL PROPERTIES)
~Links to friends page
~May also include enemies

~Works Cited
~Pictures & video
~Creativity is STRONGLY encouraged